Sand Sledding is fun for everyone

We love seeing the smiles on faces as they get to experience something they have never done before and this Father Son duo is no exception.  It is amazing how much energy the kiddos have climbing up and down the Sand Dunes.  It really was a great day to make memories!


How fun is this video?!  Our Guests from New Jersey came and captured their tour with their GoPro and Drone.  So fun to see the tour in hyperspeed from this point of view.  The scene here never grows old.  Thanks Nick and Casey for being awesome guests and sending us this video.  The beginning and end of the video show some other areas in Southern Utah, that our Guests visted at a different location.  We think it is gorgeous.

Customers Make the World Go Round

We seriously have the best guests!  We love getting to know about people from all over the world.  We like to hear what they are doing while on vacation, where they are headed to next, and what they enjoy doing when they are back home.  We have added so many places to our "where to visit" list, with everyone sharing their different insights.

 We also love hearing their feedback about their experience with Coral Pink ATV Tours.

 Here are a few comments that we have received from their "Square" receipt that is sent to us.

"Mark said this guided sand dune tour was his favorite part of our 20 day vacation"

"We had a great time will recommend your service to all our fulltime traveling friends. Thanks for the pictures." David and Liz

"this was the most memorable event we did on this las vegas trip. Ty for you kindness and patience."

"Great experience. Safe and exciting."

"We had an amazing time! Thank you so much!"

"I really enjoyed the ride and Tiffany and Coby were very nice. 👍"

"Thanks so much for accommodating us and giving us a fun hour on the Dunes! Hope to make it a 3hr adventure next time!"

"Thanks for a great time! We loved the one hour tour."

"It was a really nice tour with your guys! Thanks a lot for this "birthday present" 😉 Maybe we will back in a few years, when my daughter also can drive. Sincerely Steve" 

  We really do love our jobs, most guests can't believe this is what we get to do for a living. Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves as well.   So thank you to all of our guests that truly make our job nothing short of amazing!



NEALESONWHEELS.COM pays us a visit

We had the opportunity to host Travel Writer, Michelle Neales from  We had a great time taking her and her family on a tour to explore Coral Pink Sand Dune's State Park.

You can read more about her visit to Coral Pink, Kanab, and surrounding areas on her blog in the link below the picture.

About Us

At Coral Pink ATV Tours, we are a Family owned and operated company.  We love that we get to work together in such a beautiful place where we are able to meet so many amazing people from around the world.  We really do have the best job!  Coby has loved ATV's since he can remember, Tiffany loves the beauty of the contrast of the coral sand and blue skies.  With our commitment to the safety of our guests, we try and provide memories for Family and Friend's as we take them on a unique scenic guided tour.  We hope that others will love exploring Coral Pink Sand Dunes as much as we do!

Fun with Photography

Fun with Photography

We had some fun guests, Greg and Tiffany from Southern California along for a "Ride with a Guide" 3 hour tour.  Greg loves photography and wanted to focus on taking some pictures of Coral Pink Sand Dunes.  Greg graciously sent us a couple of his pictures that he had some fun editing.  The Banner for this page was sent by Greg.  We love when our guests share their photos with us.  Thanks Greg!

Greg & Tiffany

Greg & Tiffany