Standard Tours

Sand Dunes Express – Our Express tour is perfect for those who have a quick 30 minutes and want to experience the sand dunes beyond the observation deck You will ride along as our guide drives you in our four-seater UTV. You will enter the sand dunes and immediately be in awe of the beauty it holds. You can sit back and take pictures or simply enjoy the ride!

$50.00 per person

Sand Dune Paradise – Our Sand Dune Paradise tour is about an hour long. We start in the beautiful coral pink sands climbing up hills and taking in all the different sand formations. We then ride through some back-country trails working our way back to the duns. We make one stop in the dunes where you can take pictures or run your fingers through the sand.

ATV Driver -$90.00/ATV Passenger - $45.00     

              UTV Driver -$120.00/ UTV Passenger-$60.00


Dunes & Boarding – Our Dunes and boarding tour is perfect for those wanting to experience some time riding in the dunes as well as try out sandboarding or sand sledding.  This hour-long tour will give you 30 minutes of ride time and 30 minutes to board down the tallest sand dune in the park.

ATV Driver -$110.00/ATV Passenger -$55.00

UTV Driver -$130.00/UTV Passenger -$65.00

Ultimate Adventure- Our ultimate adventure is one of our most popular tours. We begin our journey in the sand dunes riding to some back-county trails. We make 3 stops on this tour. One at a mini slot canyon where our guests have the opportunity to do a short 15-minute hike. We then ride to the peek of Rattlesnake Hill. Here our guests have the chance to take in a panoramic view of the park and surrounding area. We then make our way back to the sand dunes where we make our final stop on the tallest dune in the park. We finish our tour ridding through the dunes one last time! This Ultimate adventure is about a two-hour experience. (Sandboarding or Sandsledding can be added on to this tour)

ATV Driver - $140.00/ATV Passenger -$70.00

                UTV Driver -$160.00/UTV Passenger -$80.00



The Grand Tour- Our Grand tour is perfect for groups wanting to experience the amazing Sand Dunes as well as the beautiful Peek-A-Boo slot canyon. This tour begins at the Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park where our guest will get to experience our paradise tour before heading over to explore Peek-A Boo. After our ride at the Sand Dues we will load up the ATV’s and our guest will follow us as we make our way over to Peek-A-Boo. Our guest will enjoy riding ATV’s down the sandy trial to the start of the slot canyon. You will have plenty of time to navigate the slot canyon and take pictures before riding back out. The Grand Tour is about a three-hour experience.  (This tour has a minimum of 2 people & a maximum of 6)

$225.00 Per person (Minimum of 2 Maximum of 6 people per tour)

Sunset Tour- Our Sunset tour is definitely a favorite among our guest! Our sunset tour offers cooler temperatures throughout the summer and usually throws in some breathtaking skies. We begin our sunset tour riding through the Sand Duns and make our way to the mini slot canyon where our guests have the opportunity to do a short 15-minute hike. We then do some trial riding along some back-country trials that lead us back into the dunes where we make our final stop. Our guest will have the chance to spend 20-30 minutes on top of the tallest sand dune in the park while watching the sunset and trying out sandboarding or sandsledding. Our Sunset tour is about a 2-hour experience.

ATV Driver - $160.00/ATV Passenger -$80.00

                UTV Driver -$180.00/UTV Passenger -$90.00

October Smore’s & Stars – During the beautiful crisp fall nights of October, we offer a special treat! Join our guides as they take you on a night tour you won’t forget! Guest will ride as passengers as our guides take you on the dunes at night. You will make your way through some back-country trials that will take you to a warm fire ready to makes some smore’s! You will then head back to the duns where you will lay underneath the gorgeous star filed sky. This experience is about an hour and half and starts at 7:30 pm  

$90.00 Per person  



Questions? Call (435) 862-5084 and we will help find the tour right for you!